Introducing our new shareholder… Mo the tortoise!

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Introducing our new shareholder… Mo the tortoise!


Mo is a rescue Hermann tortoise who is 3 1/2 years old. When he came to us he had been badly treated - hence his bumpy shell, but since he joined our family he has been treated like royalty!!!… A lovely house, correct lighting, baths twice a week, trips to the park for a run-around plus he loves coming camping with us!

His best feature is the bow on his shell, just above his neck. His second best feature is his legs… he stretches them out and they’re just too adorable (see photo below). The third is scratching his butt… he rubs it against a wall or the bookcase and it looks like he’s dancing!!!

Mo The Hermann Tortoise - L M Watch Company

Now you are asking why is he called Mo?.. Obviously after Mo Farah because he runs so fast! If you take your eyes off him for a minute then he’s gone.

Mo is going to come up with the Instagram ideas/concepts, but he’s always open to new suggestions!!!

Get in touch with Mo at

Introducing Mo the Tortoise - L M Watch Company

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