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‘DAVOSA watches are designed for people who wish to experience and enjoy moments in their own unique way. No matter how fleeting the moment, a DAVOSA transforms it from a singular excerpt of our present into an abiding part of our life story. It is a permanent reminder of what might otherwise quickly recede into the background in our fast-paced daily lives. Every DAVOSA is a precise and highly functional timepiece, as well as being a luxury item of jewellery.’

Davosa website

 Introducing… The Davosa Vintage Divers Watch 16250095

This week’s feature timepiece is one that has only come in yesterday, had a quick turn around in the workshop and is live on the website now. Retro watch alert!

If you haven’t heard of Davosa before then this is definitely a brand that should be on your radar. One of the more important brands in the lower segment of the market. Davosa was Founded in 1891 in Switzerland the first line of watches under the brand name Davosa launched in 1987. For the whole part, Davosa uses solid, trusted Swiss movements, only amending occasionally for some unique designs.

The Davosa Vintage Diver Watch 16250095 is a PERFECT for retro style lovers, with the Pepsi style bezel and high quality brown leather strap. We love the Super-LumiNova vintage colour on the hour markers and hands (incl the GMT hand) which make telling the time in dark clear and easy. This is highlighted by the egg-shaped 10 ATM water resistant case and curved crystal. 

Coming in towards the lower end of Davosa’s price range, we think this Davosa Vintage Divers Watch 16250095 is a steal in near perfect condition at £240 (£340 brand new). 

... We need to just take another look at the Pepsi style bezel and leather strap... B E A utiful! 

Davosa GMT Diver Retro Watch

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